Options for boosting local trade in agricultural products are expanding around the world, benefiting both local farmers and local customers. One of these options is Forager, an agricultural startup located in Portland, United States.

These options are having a boom due to the advantages they present. Farmers have another channel to market their products, while consumers obtain products with higher quality and freshness, and the local economy is strengthened.

The Forager case

Forager is a startup that seeks to connect local farmers with local stores, which has grown rapidly since 2018 and has recently obtained financing for 4 million dollars, which will be used to “digitize access to local food.”

From Forager they indicate that 93% of consumers want food stores that support local commerce, so there is a great business opportunity in this regard, although of course, the growth of businesses of this type may be limited by regionality.

What is important is that the cultural perception of consumers in certain countries indicates that the business model can be very profitable, even though scalability is the weak point, only surpassed by those who manage to establish a reliable supply chain.

The key for this to happen is to develop a digital platform that allows speeding up the adhesion of new participants, so that great value can be added, especially to farmers and smaller businesses.

That is, this is about bringing together all the players that are currently dispersed and that constitute a huge market, although pulverized, that has not been exploited yet and that companies like Forager want to take advantage of as much as possible before the strong competition begins.

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