Quality & Innovation in Vocational Training for Enterprise Cultural Heritage mneis a new project with European funding working in the developing field of Enterprise Cultural Heritage (ECH). In partnership with SMEs in the craft sector the project is looking at how they currently use their ECH and how this can be developed. The project focuses on makers of textiles and clothing, food and drink, ceramics and jewellery.  

Enterprise Cultural Heritage (ECH) is a complex combination of a company’s own history and creations (technical contents, industrial design, organization, marketing, etc.) with the potential to transform information and materials into “extended products” (Chrissolouris-Mavrikiros, 2006).

Effective ECH management can increase creativity in production and innovate knowledge management skills, boosting the productivity performances of those SMEs with a long and rich history. Nevertheless, the majority of such SMEs find it difficult to identify and exploit the economic added value of their cultural heritage. Furthermore, the topic is almost entirely a novelty in the area of vocational training which, at most, cover the topic of heritage marketing for cultural institutions or promotional issues (museums, tourism, etc.)

Within this context, the project aims to develop an innovative vocational training approach in order to exploit the potential of ECH management in SMEs and improve the quality of VET practices for non-formal learning. The development of new competencies and skills and a more effective use of ECH will enhance the employability of individual workers and improve the competitiveness of SMEs helping to use the economic value of their unique cultural heritage.