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ECH spreads affiliation network to Natural Europe project

Enterprise Cultural Heritage project obtained the affiliation to Natural Europe project to

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ECE 2011 Conference – Creativity and Engagement in Higher Education

Salford, Greater Manchester, UK July 06-08 2011

University of Salford.

The International Education in a Changing Environment (ECE) Conference is organised by ….

ECH Project affiliated member of ARIADNE Foundation

Enterprise Cultual Heritage project obtained the affiliation to ARIADNE Foundation and it is now expanding t….

Meet Us at Online Educa Berlin 2011

Enterprise Cultural Heritage project presents the latest version of the Enterprise Cultural Heritage Learni….

Enterprise Cultural Heritage at Wikipedia

Our project has been actively contributing in enhancing the definition of Enterprise Cultural Heritage as issued in the Enterprise Cultural Heritage Open Community Manifesto. To this en….

Event – University of Salford, Greater Manchester, UK, 11 November 2011

Innovation through Heritage: How do we maximise the u….

Event – Italy, Rende Industrial Park, 22 December 2011

Supporting Competitiveness&International Cooperation

Quality and Innovation in Vocational Training


Enterprise Cultural Heritage: a source of Quality&Innovation

Is your company steeped in history, does it have a rich collection of recipes, knowledge of traditional production methods, links with your area or other unrealised assets? This knowledge of an enterprise’s past is a valuable asset that can help you to differentiate your e….

Learn from case studies of Enterprise Cultural HeritageBaking since 1947 Nurmi & Sulonen has created a loyal customer base. Some of the company’s confections have been in production since the fifties and they are highly valued by people. 

Find more case studies of Enterprise Cultural Heritage to SlideShare

What is Enterprise Cultural Heritage?The training material on the four aspects of Enterprise Cultural Heritage
The term used to describe your organisation’s history and its creations, which have the potential to uniquely innovate and differentiate your products and services, is
Enterprise Cultural Heritage (
For a full definition of this concept please see the Power of the past and SME competitiveness: A European study.
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Brand management to become more aware of  “What is a brand?” and how to maximise it for your enterprise.
Change management to develop continuous quality improvement of your projects and services.
Heritage management to recognise those assets of your enterprise, which can help to inform your innovations.
Intellectual Property management to realise the financial values contained in your knowledge and expertise.
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