Is your company steeped in history, does it have a rich collection of recipes, knowledge of traditional production methods, links with your area or other unrealised assets? This knowledge of an enterprise’s past is a valuable asset that can help you to differentiate your enterprise from others and innovate your products and services, thereby giving you a competitive advantage

This image from Lanificio Leo, an Italian traditional wool factory, highlights the tensions facing many enterprises – how to innovate while maintaining the enterprise’s traditions accumulated over many years?

What are the benefits of managing your ECH?

  • Integration of ECH management with four aspects of existing enterprise activities: Brand management, Change management, Heritage management and Intellectual Property management.
  • Identification, realisation and preservation of the heritage values attached to your enterprise’s products and services.
  • Use of Enterprise Cultural Heritage as a long-term commitment to give a distinct traditional, cultural or symbolic appeal, which could stimulate new interest and business for your enterprise.
  • Celebration of the differences that your enterprise brings to your customers by highlighting through your communications, services and products and your historic roots and why these make your services and products so special!

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