The MNEMOS learning environment introduces to the interested individual the emerging ECH concept having two distinct paths of learning.

Languages available en, sooner available cz, fi, gr, it

Watch the video guide available in the homepage of the MNEMOS learning environment !

A.    Awareness path

  • Increase the knowledge capacity of visitors about ECH and
  • Promote the decision to follow the motivation and guidance path.  

The learner could browse freely throughout the learning material without any registration procedures.

Freely browse the ECH learning material in the first page of the learning environment!

B.    Motivation and guidance path

1. Register as a trainee

2. Sign in the learning platform

3. From Courses > Catalogue > Projects > Subscribe the ECH course in your preferred available language

4. Test informal and non formal experiential learning level on the key skill areas of ECH

5. Be guided for all learning steps through ECH learning modules

6. Assess what you have acknowledged

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