Time flies, and more in the field than anywhere else. There are always hours to write down the daily tasks, so we end up pulling from memory and allocating 2 or 3 hours at the end of the week.

In addition, the tools we use to distribute or write down tasks do not seem to be the most appropriate either: notebooks, papers, mobile apps such as WhatsApp or Calendar or even out loud. The information is distributed through different channels and, as a consequence, the parts are incomplete, we lose data and we need to make many calls to clarify doubts. All of this is a great waste of time.

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  • 1 Tools for fieldwork planning
  • 2 GPS installed on the tractor
  • 3 Suppliers of herbicides and seeds
  • 4 Custom planning tool
  • 5 Farm management software

Tools for fieldwork planning

If we write down the tasks at the time we do them, we will not forget a detail , and we make sure that the information we enter is appropriate. That is why we recommend using alternatives that help you manage and control your day to day , and that facilitate the transfer of information between technicians, managers and field workers, all from a single place.

As we know that you cannot extend yourself looking for solutions, we have prepared a list for you to clarify some doubts about these tools. They are worth taking a look at, especially if you want to improve your productivity and the certainty that jobs are being done.

GPS installed on the tractor

As in the case of John Deere , which has a series of mobile apps to facilitate the distribution of jobs. With MyJobs Manager you enter the details of the work you need and view it in an orderly way on a calendar. Through John Deere MyJobs, workers will receive specific instructions and report their work. And the MyOperations app is associated with the tractor’s GPS, so you can check the location of your machinery in real time.

But these programs are designed to optimize the use of the fleet of machines, and not so much to improve crop yields. In addition, the synchronization between apps is not automatic and the map is not updated with the SIGPAC, which does not facilitate the assignment of tasks.

Herbicide and seed suppliers

Herbicide and seed suppliers also have tools with useful information for decision making. Firms such as Bayer or Pioneer have already launched some apps such as Climate FieldView , but they are aimed at managing their products and making agriculture profitable, not at facilitating the organization of tasks on the ground.

Custom planning tool

Many agricultural companies embark on creating a 100% custom planning tool. But in most of the times, the cost and time that is assumed does not compensate . They are generally developed by professionals who are not part of the agricultural sector, so they take time to understand the peculiarities of agriculture and hit the nail on the head with the management.

Farm management software

There are agricultural management software on the market that already have the necessary functionalities for better planning of agricultural work. Why then complicate creating a program from scratch?

The choice of the program is crucial because it will depend on you to reduce the times when passing the work orders to the workers, and that they send the complete information of what they have done. Finding a web page does not guarantee that the application is developed and functional. Direct your gaze on a consolidated software , you can easily recognize it if it has a large number of comments in the app store.

application to carry out a more efficient management of your daily work from the field. You will no longer need to clean the work parts and, when you sit down at the computer, it will be to distribute tasks and check that they have been executed correctly. In addition, you will quickly visualize the yields by crop or plot, whichwill guide you when making better decisions for your farm.

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